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Just dont get why I let her back in to have her do this again


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ill try to make it short. i live a few miles away from a woman that for the last 7 yrs she and i have gotten together in a relationship and always in the fall she breaks up with me saying she is frigged up and i should let her go. i have learned it is her and not me, she is the one with a major mental issue Bi-polor. she really seems to give it a lot and shares much but then a litttle at a time she get distance to the point of hardly seeing her thats when she get into her depression and falls in bed for months. i do love her and all of her kids and grandbabes. just last sunday she went to one of her grandbabes softball games i was there also, after that she walked me to my motorcycle we kissed and she said she would call me monday well a week went by and no call no communication until i seen her and her girlfriend posting bad stuff about men and LOL back in forth about that. well i got to question it so i msg her as i saw her online, dame wish i never did, all i asked was how she see me, her postings were like a good man will leave you kind, a bad man will leave ya so and so, well again dame she did this (Oh u) as if im a young boy when im 58 yrs old. so my reply to the (Oh u) was sorry i asked and went off line. she sent me an e-mail that was bull saying she needs to get her life in order and is leaving the area after maybe a month. saying she is sorry but still not saying what she is sorry about. this has gone on for to long and i now feel my issue will be in the spring when she gets back at me with things like her kids really like me and they all miss me so and so bla bla bla. i even knew last fall that come spring i woud not alow her into my life but dame i did and now im back to feeling left out and hurt. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME I STAND UP FOR MYSELF AlL THE TIME WITH FRIENDS AND STUFF BUT WHEN IT COMES TO HER , HER KIDS AND ALL IM A BIT TO EASY. i feel now it is to much for me to ever feel that she has gotten help she has lied to me about that medical help, bla bla bla. i dont know what truly is wrong with me about her... im goodlooking, i ride a motorcycle and im in great shape, im very loving, very caring and our lovemaking is great at least that what she says. i care for her children there all out of the house, she never seems to have time for us so that is a big red flag and treats me great until fall when she does this crap and falls into deep depression..i feel like my mind and heart is beeing played i spend a lot of monie on us and her kids so what is my issue that i cant seem to understand.. it is not right and to leave for good. she uses the bi-polor as a lot of her excuses. its not killing me but dame i need better and deserve better from a women....thanks for any input on this...bless you all

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She's bipolar. She's not going to get any better unless she wants to. That means therapy and medication. Sadly, most bipolars don't want help or will quit taking their meds.


I'm afraid you'll either need to accept this yoyo relationship for what it is and find a way to deal with it or leave it for good.


You do deserve better but she's simply not capable of giving it to you unless she wants to help herself first.

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