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ok ok.. same old question but i'm stuck


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first things first i'm kinda new to this thing n feel a bit daft askin anyway...

so theres this girl i really like, but i'd wana know if she likes me too before i said anything.


bit of background then... theres a few reasons why i keep thinkin ive got a chance but biggest ones comin from other people, like a while back one of her mates asked me if i liked thought that was a bit weird cos i didn't think i'd made it obvious that i did, anyhow i kinda admitted i did - duno if she was tryin to find out for her or what?


also one of my mates said to me ' is a nice lass i'd go for her if she didn't like you' i jus said yea as if she does, but they insisted n i jus thought how dya know that then?? *prob should a asked em that but was a bit drunk, not really on top of me game

just a couple examples


we do sorta get on well as well tho, i mean we text each other and stuff quite often not really about serious stuff, usually just like 'where you goin tonigh?' n stuff... then again though she is just a generally friendly person who could probably get on with anyone.


so i guess i wana know.

does her friend askin me about her mean a thing? i take it she definitely knows i'm interested cos i pretty much let her mate know??

i dono, what can i look out for to see if she does like me back or is just a friend? how do you tell if she likes you? sorry if i ranted on a bit thanks for replys

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Look, you need to tell her that you have feelings for her. Girls just don't go upto guys and admit this kinda thing. You the man have to do it yourself. If you are too scared to do it right away then just start off small. Compliments are a plus. Tell her she's pretty in the middle of a conversation. This will really catch her off guard. Then just see how she reacts, if she reacts like she likes what she just heard then she could be interested. You need to show interest in her, just don't expect her friends to do it all for you. It's not the end of the world, let her know yourself and you will see the results will be much greater.

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