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help me i wana make sex with my gf but m shy.. wht shd i do?


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It all depends on how long you've been together, how long you've known her, and how much you share.

If she doesn't want to do it, you shouldn't pressure her. But If you're really in love she probably will want to. It also depends on wether shes ready.

You might want to share everything with her, but why rush things? why not take the time and talk to her about how she feels? Plan it out if you have to!

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If she doesn't want sex, don't rush her. It's very inconsiderate for men to rush women into sex, or the other way around.


If you love her, you can let her know of your desires, but leave the decision up to her and don't pressure her. Sometimes women don't feel ready, other times they don't trust their boyfriends enough, there's also the chance where she doesn't think you have been together for long enough or she wants to wait until marriage.


Having sex is a very big step for a lot of women because the double standard of men who had multiple partners is a player while women who had multiple partners before are... Before having sex you should always consider the possibility of your relationship not working out, and her next boyfriend just happens to be one of those men who carries double standard against women. Then, your desires to share everything with her will literally ruin her life. Are you ready to take on that responsibility or do you not care enough about her to take on that responsibility?

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