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So we broke up, but...

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To condence a 3 year story into a paragraph or so:


I'm a shy individual. I spend most of my time alone.

I met a guy during a class and evntually developed a crush on him. I spent 2 years hiding my crush as we became friends, but quite suddenly I temporarly relocated to a different city and was never able to talk to him because shortly after he also relocated. Durring this time a different guy - who had apparently had feelings for me for quite some time decided to ask me out. I refused at first. After he ceasely badgered me I finnaly gave in, and for the time I was away from my home town, we exhanged emails and chatted. I moved back 6 months into the relationship, and for a few weeks he took me out almost every night. Somehow our scheduled got into conflict, however, and it seemed as though we never had time to see each other. The times he did have free, he didn't show any interest in doing things with me. He always told me that he loved me, and that he wanted to marry me - we even discussed how many children we thought would be ideal. But we just didn't do anything together anymore, and the things I suggested, he didn't appreciate. You can imagine I was frustrated.

In the midst of all this, I had gone out for coffee with a co-worker, assuming he knew I had a boyfriend. Well, apparenly he didn't (I'm usually intensly private about my personsl life) - but suffice it to say - he asked me out. I turned him down. But we did a lot of talking and I finally decided I would break off my now year-long relationship, as I still think quite a lot about my previous crush. I didn't really want to, as once I commit myself to something I like to complete it - but it just seemed we'd lost "the spark." I don't really want to go out with the co-worker, and I don't want to go crawling back to my ex, and I'd feel awfully strange tracking down my crush after a year - But I just feel awful alone.

Any ideas?

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aww sweeti - you dont know what you want

and being with someone just cause you dont want to be alone is not the answer

are you the indecisive type ?

not a criticism just a question

if you are you need to work out what you want before you move onto who you want

my only real piece of advice - become comfortable with your own company


good luck and find love


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It's already a big step your taking! Trust me. I was a shy person too.. And I still quite am when it comes to boys, sadly enough I usually let them come to me. But a word of advice, know the person a bit more before taking any steps, and if the guy/girl you're with at the present moment doesn't respect you at all, in any kind of way... Don't stick with them to find out if they'll change.


I tried to change a guy and trust me, he's horrible now. Very horrible. Don't let yourself be hurt, and go get 'im! ^_^

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