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My boyfriend doesn't "french kiss" me anymore!

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Hi all! Well, my situation is pretty confusing to myself, so MAYbe someone, somewhere can help me figure this out. Okay here i go. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 1/2 yrs. and we are both 19 yrs. old currently. We also have a 10mo. old baby girl together. Now when we first met our relationship was pure heaven! It was magical. We were so madly in love. He used to make me feel so special and in turn made my self confidence sky-rocket. I never felt so good about life until I met him. Things have changed. We still spend time together and everything, but when we are spending time together and I ask for a kiss, he gives me small, quick kisses and if I open my eyes, he is looking off somewhere. It makes me feel horrible. Not special. Now don't get me wrong I love those kisses, but in a month and a half... that's all I get! No big smooches. I have asked him SEVERAL times why he doesn't give me long romantic kisses, and he just says the same thing. "I don't know?" and I just have NO IDEA how you could love someone, but not have the desire to "french kiss" them just out of the blue. I have been struggling with this issue for a long time now. He loves me, this I know, but I have to get to the bottom of this weirdness. If someone has some advice, I would really benifit from it. Thanks everyone.

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I have asked him what's up with him not kissing me like he used to but all I get is a bunch of "I don't knows". It's difficult, because I haven't the slightest clue why he does this. I doubt it's toothpaste or mouthwash, although he hates minty smells... but I doubt that's why, because who's breath smells minty 24/7?? I don't know. It's weird, because when I bring up the fact that he doesn't french kiss me anymore, the next day he will do it, but it's weird when it happens cuz I'm just stunned and feel like he's just doing it because I said something and I feel like it's not because he wants to.

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hmmm... guess this is a pretty puzzling topic, no one else has given advice... I have talked to my boyfriend though, and he said today that it's because I don't show him I love him. I don't know how he can say this, since I always want to be with him and spend time with him. I even rubbed his head for him lastnight since he had a bad migrane. I don't understand how I don't show that I love him! AHHH!


So confused.

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A bit of a tough 1. It could be for several reasons:


a) He has lost that passion for u?


b) Could possibly be cheating on u and feels guilty when he kisses u?


c) Is your oral hygiene ok ?


Thats some possibilities. By the sounds of it as u mentiond in the post above, he still does French kiss u occasionally, so not all is lost yet. I can imagine how u feel though. Kissing does feel very intimate to me and I would be sad if i was with som1 who stopped it.

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Lol, my personal hygene is very good. I am still the same way as I was when we first met. I love kissing him, and it's like one little kiss just isn't enough. I have these wild feelings for him when we kiss, that I just can't explain, but when we actually do kiss I can't help but thinking while he's kissing me, if he really wants to or if he's just doing it because I mentioned it. I don't understand it. He tells me he loves me, and we are still intimate with eachother, but if you love someone why wouldn't you want to kiss them all the time. Maybe it's because we are parents now? I feel like we can't act young and do stuff that young people our age do because we are parents. Is that it? I don't know what to think! I have asked if he just doesn't feel the same about me anymore, but he says that he does love me very much. I don't know!!

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