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i need some help from anyone who can help me in any way shape or form my girl told me today that she was not having a good couple of weeks and that she didnt know why. I asked her if i could help, and she said no that she just needed some time for herself. The next thing i know is she wants to take a "break". Which really sucks, but i can understand b/c she needes to find out what she wants to do with herself. But the one thing that bothers me (besided the fact that the only one i love is now taking a break from me) is that when i asked her if she could be faithful to me while she was talking her break? SHe told me that she cant promise anything. What should i do?????

someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the same exact thing happened to me with my ex girl. we ha d a real good relationship and allof a sudden she wants to take a break and figure out what she wants to do. next thing u kno shes going out with i hear that she is goin out behind my back with a guy she bearly knos. i felt so low for so long.

my advice for you is to tell yuor girl to get i straight . either she wants to be with u or not. cuz y should u let her date around just to see if she likes anyone better than u? thats crap. u dont deserve it if u really like her


good luck

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Dude, I suggest you start dating around too and not waiting. I really don't know how you all are this patient about your women doing this too you. I would be going off the handle.


Anyway...the minute a girl can't promise you faithfulness, the relationship is done.




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thanks to the both of you i took both into consideration and i figured it out.


i went to her house to talk to her, and good news we talked it out and i told her that is wasnt fair to me that she was going around dating other guys that we were just through for good. She said that she can see from where i am coming from. And that i was right if we were going to do this that she needed to be faithful to me. I got my promise of faithfulness and that she would come back to me when she found out about what she wanted to do with her life.


so thanks to both partys involved and any other comments conserning how i can help her would also be really appreciated. The sooner i get her back the sooner i can get some sleep.

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