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Help Please.......Family and Boyfriend Issues

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Recently I went on a trip with my boyfriend and friend to Las Vegas (SIN CITY). Well one night we were all dressing up to go out on the town in some interesting apperal. Well I had a picture taken of my boyfriend kissing my [PROFANITY REMOVED BY MODERATOR]. I was wearing boyshorts that covered my butt and a skirt that he was lifting up. Well I had the pictures downstairs and I was going to hide that picture to make sure that no one else would see it in my family. Well turns out that my dad walked in and saw it laying on the desk. He wasnt too happy about it. I dont know what to do about the boyfriend or my dad. Im 19 so I mean Im an adult now but my dad has never really seen me do anything like that before. Also my boyfriend is really unhappy with me about even keeping the pictures because he tried to get the pictures from me. So its all my fault. I really need some helpful advice.

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One time my girlfriend and I went hiking in the woods and had sex on top of a mountain and she took pictures of my member. Well they got mixed in with the other hiking pictures so she showed them to like everyone by mistake, and the only one who noticed my ding-a-ling haning out of my shorts was her mom. Haha she's didn't care at all though. To make a long story short, I'd say just let it pass- it WILL blow over in time, just don't bring it up, and if someone else does, say "I'd rather not talk about it." Good luck and keep in touch my friend.

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i agree with the other guy except when i comes to your boyfriend you should talk with him about it ask him why he is so mad about it. If he is still mad then just let it blow over. But the best thing to do is talk first. i once just let it blow over with my girl and she was so mad that she wouldnt talk to me and eventually she cheated on me.

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