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I am doing alright today, much better than I have been recently. I cthink my ex put herself on my buddy list, either that or unblocked me from her buddy list, and it just messes with my head. It's been a little over two weeks and I am just feeling kind of lost and lonely inside. The worst times are in the morning, when I wake up and no one is there cuddling next to me. There's this other girl I've known for a couple of years and she wants to hook up, and I am a very sexual guy, but I feel sick whenever I think about getting with her. I miss my ex soooooooooooo mcuh, and I want to work things out in our relationship(we were together for 2 years), but after a big fight two weeks ago she told me not to contact her, so I haven't. She keeps adding me and taking me off of her buddy list, and she leaves dreadfully sad away messages, so I am very confused as to what I should do. I know that if I maintain the NC, she will just mis me even more and it will be her who comes around- she broke up with me, and I have to be strong and not break down and call her. Part of me thinks she'll never get in touch with me again, and the other part of me thinks she'll call any minute. My moods are up and down thinking about her, but at least I am taking care of myself- going to school every day, going to support groups, etc. Any advice?

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just keep doing what you are doing, my ex did contact me saying he missed me after 3 weeks of NC so i guess the only thing that brought that on was the fact that after 3.5 years of talking every day and then nothing he began to miss me. He still hasnt come back and i dont think he ever will but if i had kept on contacting him every day i would be way worse than i am now because believe me hearing their voice knowing that they dont want to be with you at the moment is way worse than hearing nothing at all..

the dumper usually makes contact after a while to see how you are and possibly re establish the connection but dont do what i did and meet them straight away and cry hysterically and beg them to come back and promise to do anything to change things cos they will just run away again...or come back because they feel guilty about the state thye have left you in but that is not a good reason to come back!!

i hope this is of some help to you..

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