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Ex and I want to get back together, but her parents r in way

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My ex girlfriend and I dated for about 11 months and broke up just last July. In that time a lot of things happened between us. She got pregnant in february and lost the baby in April. I have been in many relationships but never have i felt this strongly about anyone.


In July when we broke up we both quickly found new relationships to attach ourselves to. Two weeks ago my ex and I started talking about, both of us still in our respective relationships. We both agreed that we were not as happy as we were when we were together.


Ex still lives at home with her parents and they absolutely hate me. Mostly for reasons that they know about half of the real story of. Mostly because they never accepted me from the beginning of our relationship and I acted really crazy when we broke up. Anyways.


My ex takes considerable flack from her parents b/c we talk and see each other now. They really make things tough.


My questions are:


1. How do we get around her parents in general.(we've tried to explain that were happy together and it doesn't work)

2. What can I do to make the situation better? I've essentiall tried everything.. appology does no good.

3. How can I strengthen my ex when she is down about her parents giving her crap over this.


Is it possible for 2 people to be together with one persons parents trying to stick their nose in where it does not belong?


Any advice would be appreciated.



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OK here's the thing


1) If your ex loves you like she does, then she will hate her parents if they control her actions and make her dump you. Even if she does or whatever, that doesn't matter. In the end she will resent making that choice and not care what her parents think. Most of the time this happens.


2) You cannot change your ex's parents thought on you, they think what they want to think and you can't please everyone. Although you know what you deserve? An explanation and also a reason for why you're not good enough for their daughter. You need to be able to accept what they would say and for you to "improve" if need be.


3) You can't rub it in her face or cause her to get upset over what has already happened. Ask her yourself what could be done to fix the situation as yes trying to apologize or trying everything to win her back isn't going to work.


to answer your final question, yes it is possible. When she stands up for herself and doesn't care what her parents think because when it comes to love it doesn't have to make sense to anyone except for the two that are in love. Not one person should come between two people in love.



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I really appreciate your comments. I am going to try a few new things out here in the next few days and see what we can't get done.


Last night my girl told me that she didn't see herself continuing what we have going on here if it is jus going to cause flack with her family. I am going to lay it all down on the line tonight and if she doesn't respond and stick up for herself with her family then Im going to look elsewhere.


I love her, but its not worth stiring the pot of poo for the rest of my life.


Thanks a lot for your post

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