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I like you...wait know I like you too....who are you? AHHH

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Ok everyone I need some help. I'm a little confused about what I am feeling right now. Awhile ago, I like one girl I dreamed about for weeks. I was so attached to her I thought I loved her. Time passed and I began wondering if she was right for me. I then met another girl, who like me. It's different I think when someone likes you. You almost like them back. I had finally gotten over the first girl I dreamed about, but still felt empty inside. I thought I would go with the first girl until two nights ago. I met another girl. Pretty nice, I didn't like her much at first but then I held her hand through the haunted forest I was at. I got more attached to her and thought I like her the best. Now I am just so confused I don't know what do or think. Can anyone give me some help or tell me whats going on?

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Sorry to not tell you what you want to hear... but... I don't think what you are felling for any of these girls is love, its more like a crush.

Its like a moment when you find a really good looking girl who is also nice, you get to know her and stuff but than it seems like you find some else who is better. It has happened to me and... no is not love is more like a crush. It may actually get to be a "LIKE" but it does not go very far from that.


All that you just told us has happened to me. The long time thinking about her, thinking about her all the time and just at any time, dreaming about her, wanting to be with her, etc but than I meet someone else, and it was over. Thats when I found out that there was nothing there. Good luck dude. I'll say... if you like her much, try to be something with her, so you wount feel so lonely

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