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Some of my poems.....enjoy.....


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Here are some poems I've written. Hope you like them.


The Inside Girl


She lives on the inside…

Her lips locked in shame.

The world is open.

But she is secluded.

She does not wish to open herself to all.

She knows where the key is,

But cannot find it.

As she walks,

Her arms cross around her waist.

Her body is clear.

They do not see her.

But if they looked closer,

They'd see the hidden colors.

Silver lashes part to see the world around her.

They are open.

She can see them,

For they have nothing to hide.

She's the most solid thing there is.

They all float on air.

She trudges through her mind.

He sees a rainbow in the corner of his eye.

A flash of silver.

She blinks.

He shakes his head and walks on.

He does not stop to think,

That maybe someday, she'll really disappear.




Jet black shadow hands,

Grasping at my ankles,

Pulling at me,

Holding onto me,

I'm not sure what they want,

I'm obsessive, compulsive, to say the least,

Maybe they figure they'll hitch a ride,

You could call it paranoia,

Maybe they just want to hurt me,

I don't want help,

They're so cold, so little, they know me so well,

I fight and fight,

They're sad,

I'm breaking,

I kick them hard and fast,

I fight for my pretend living,

They look at me, tiny faces,

But I will not think of it, and I will not care,

They are crying,

Sometimes I cry,

I don't want to hurt them,

It stings my eyes like soap on a cut,

But I'm bringing the pain on them,

And when I see my crying eyes,

I'm hurting them, like I don't want to hurt you,

I see the glassy eyes of a dreamer, putting her dreams away,

I don't want to hurt you my poor little baby,

I'm putting my dreams away for somebody else,

I'm putting my dreams away for you, because I want to help you,

Somebody small, helpless, but selfish all the same,

And I shouldn't help you, you're dragging me down,

Somebody who hurts me, and wrenches the tears from my bloody eyes,

But I love you,

Somebody who I love,

Why are you hurting me?

Somebody who's hurting me,

You're punching my heart,

Why is he hurting me?

I can't take it,

Why are you hurting me?

I love you,

I hate you,

You're my beautiful danger,

You're my messed up savior,


You have jet black shadow hands grasping at your ankles, just like me.




It slammed me hard.

That dream.

I planned and schemed-

I was the top of the hill-

But it was to steep-

I fell,

I felt myself lock up,

In so many ways-

My joints twitched in their forced positions,

I felt that anger,

That pain,

That frightening rush

Of everything-

My eyes closed,

I was a river, tumbling down that hill,

And maybe,

If I kept tumbling,

The world would stop.



My teeth shattered as I bit ice.

My nails ripped through the sky.

I tried to scream.

But I was locked.




I walked calmly to the middle.

Stretched out my arms,

My legs,

My whole,

Complete self.

More of myself than you can possibly see with empty eyes.

The birds chirped happily….

I was so alone.

So, incredibly alone.

They didn't understand that it was okay.

It still is okay.

They just don't understand.

It's okay to be alone.

The tall grasses swished occasionally in the occurrence of a soft breeze,

I felt myself turn to water and fall into the ground.

I closed my eyes as my limp body fell through the dirt,

Limbs dangling in front of me,

My chest caved in gently.

I felt myself smile.

Then frown.

A tear ran down my cheek.

I was already water,

So my tears were blood.

And I screamed.

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