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2 boys one girl

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hi everyone, well ive liked this guy "bob" for about a year now and he has a brother, Theyre both very handsome men!, and the other day i found out the brother likes me! but bob is in germany, so i cant be with him or anything, but we both sorta like each other, weve been talking through the internet, n hes supposedly coming baq in december, and now that his brother likes me, and i see his brother every day, i kinda started to like the brother as well, so i dont know wat to do! please help!! but if i had to choose between the brothe rn bob, id choose bob, but its hard cuz hes not here, n i dont wanna hurt the brothers feelings n ive already hurt bob once, i dont want to do it again...what do i do!?!?!?!

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Well, it's a tough decision. On the one hand, it sounds like you haven't gotten involved too much with the brother yet, so it probably won't hurt him as much if you hurt his feelings. If Bob's the one that you really want, you really just have to follow your heart. I don't know what you did to hurt Bob before, but most likely if he keeps talking to you, he's aware that there's a chance that you'll hurt him again, and if it's important to him, he'll likely be willing to take that chance. My girlfriend broke up with me after two years of no problems and living together becuase i moved to NYC while she still has one yearleft of undergrad. I know if she wanted to try again I would, even though I'm well aware it might not work out agian and she might hurt me again. It's worth it to me, and it probably is to BOb too. Most guys don't continue to talk to girls that they have no interest in just to be friends unless that's all they ever were is friends.

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