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should i let her spent the night on my couch

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My ex called me today and ask my advice on how to breakup with her boy friend she ask me if she should tell him now or wait till she got all of her stuff out of his apartment, she said she was going to go with him tonight to the store and ask if she should tell him then I told her she should tell him tonight and not wait till she gets her stuff but I also told her it was up to her. Then she ask me if she could spent the night on my couch I told her to call me when she is done and I would let her know.. What do you guys think should I let her spend the night on my couch or should I tell her no???

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we are very frendly towards each other but im a little worried she may want to go farther then just being friends, I am a little worried she may want to try and start the relationship up with me again and i am not readty to do that at this time and i may never be ready for it.

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Well at ur age I think it would be OK to just say to her something along the lines of "OK, you're welcome to stay, but I'm doing this as a friend....nothing more, OK??? I don't want to give you the wrong idea or anything"


That way you can let her know politely that there is no chance for anything else.

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So you mean to tell me she is going out with him tonight and then wants to sleep at your place tonight. I would be really careful about that sounds like she might want more then friends at this point. You really need to tell her it is a friend's thing only unless you want more out of it then that.

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don't jump to the conclusion that she'll try something on you, I dunt think anyone likes to be accused of anything. I say let her stay at your place for the night but don't... say sit beside her and watch *sex in the city* together (gives the wrong ideas eh). If she tries anything, then I think its the right time to come out in the open and just tell her you don't think your ready to get back into a relationship with her.

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