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How would she react?

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Hey, im just wondering how you guys think a shy girl will react if I just walk up to her and ask her out. Im trying to get to know her better but its becoming kinda difficult, so first chance I get im asking her out. Has this worked for anyone before? (She is quite shy)




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Hey...I think you should go for it...I'm a really shy person and I met my b/f by him just coming up to me and asking me out...But if she is really shy like you said she was you might want to approach her when she's alone....Make sure you dont make her feel too awkward or uncomfortable... 8)


Good Luck!

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ya i definitely think you should just ask her out..from my experience theres this guy that i like and im really shy ..like i rarely talk to him or nething but he likes me too..but for some reason he won't ask me out and its driving me crazy..so if i were her i'd want you to just walk up to me and ask me out

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