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do you think hes interested?

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hi im jenna, also known as LittleLove. I like this one boy in my school, on my team, in some of my classes. Let's call him Michael. Ok now, this Michael kid, I think he likes me as much as I like him. I have a locker, his is right accross from mine. When I'm unloading and loading my backpack in the morning, Michael really doesn't pay attention to me, I think he's still tired. He goes to his class, as I go to mine. I'm stuck in a different class in the morning, until 2nd period comes. I sit at one end of the room, he sits at the other, and his buddy named Andrew sits by him (these are assigned seats) I try to mind my own business, but I always peak at Michael. I cant help it. He looks at me, and I look the other way. This is science class, by the way. But in that class, he stairs at me half the period. Lunch isnt really anything good. I sit with my friend Katie almost everyday. He sits at one table everyday, with the same people, only because they got Michael in trouble by actident. But I walk around, Michael looks at me, his buddy Andrew points to me and then Michael looks at me and I start running into the other room of the lunch room. Then, gym comes, the last and the best and only 8th period comes. I sit there doing splits, walk overs, cartwheels, and stuff like that to show off to everyone. Not to be cool, but also to have fun. So its our turn with footballs. My friend did a spiral so hard it went to the other side of the feild. and the football ended up around Michaels area. So I try running my fastest, since I'm one of the fastest girls in my grade, and I ended up slipping in the grass. I hurt a bit, I still wanted to get up because its imbarrising. I got the football and ran back to my area. So then I thru the ball in a sprial and did a split (well maybe about 10) about every 5 minutes. Andrew saw me do a split and he told Michael but Michael didnt bealive him so after the class they were 10 feet away so I wanted to pass them so i started running really fast I passed them. Andrew and Michael said "WAIT UP" so i walked back and we all stoped. Andrew told me "do a split." i said y he said just do one. I said ok. I did one all the way they both went good job, i got up from the ground and started running, passing them, becoming the lead, and ended up at the doors first. We went in, and this freaky kid named Dareyl, the fastest guy in the skool, said u got skills as we were walking inside. I said I know! Hes lyk "really have skills" and im lyk "thanks"and I end up by the locker room. I got changed (not to meantion) and the bell rang and we all went out. I secretly waited by Michaels locker and when he left, I started to pass him. He yelled out my name, "JENNA!" but i continued walking away. Then once in gym when we had soccer, me and Michael were on the same team, I tried getting the ball after it got punted in the air I didnt get it but Michael did and he yelled "GOOD TRY JENNA" hes been trying to hang around me alot do u think he loves me? or just wants to be friends?


and i have 1 more question im having this halloween party and i want to invite michael. should i invite him with some other boys? and how do i ask him to come? what do i say? sorry if this hogged ur time. thanks so much of u can help! AND PLEASE HELP!!!!



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It sounds like both of you are flirting quite a bit. I wouldn't say he loves you, but he may find you a bit attractive. You may want to just ask him about it. As far as the party, I would ask him, but you may feel more comfortable if some of his friends are around.



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i think that you should ask him to your party with some of his friends, and then while he is there start to talk to him, if you know something that you have in common try and bring that up, it should get you talking more. it sounds like you flirt alot, but i wouldn't say that he loves you.

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