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He's in my class. But I'm too shy to talk to him.

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Hey everyone,


This might sound vague, but there's this guy in my class. He's not the hottest guy in the world, but he's very cute and sweet [to his friends]. Today, we had club sign-ups and I had candy for everyone who joined. I brought the candy to class and EVERYONE wanted some. Being the nice person I am, , I gave in. Then, the guy in my class wanted one too. He didn't act like he didn't know me. So that was a good thing.


By the way, I got to a religious school, so we pray and stuff. During religion, we were going to pray for our churches and stuff, and my friend thought it was a good idea for everyone to hold hands. Yes, it might sound ridiculous, but I was kind of shy to hold his hand. Weird. I know. But you have NO idea of how shy I was. Well, we held hands. His hands were so warm and tender. *sigh* I wasn't nervous or anything; suprisingly, I was calm and normal. We held hands and then started to pray, and my hand was in his. Then, he got an "itch" on his face or something, and was still holding my hand, lifted it up to his face and scratched his face. I kind of gave a weird look, and HIS [girl] friend saw and gave me this look like "Ooo la la." It wasn't a bad look, just a look like "oh they're so cute." And then, during the prayer, he held my hand tighter. I wanted to hold his hand tighter, too, but I figured he would feel weird. He started to loosen his hand towards the end though.


Well, I think I like him now. I want to talk to him, but I'm afraid. I looked on his blogger, and apparently he HAS a girlfriend. I was so disappointed. What do I do??? Should I just forget about him? Or what?

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