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Am I going crazy?? Help appreciated..

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There are so many elements to this post that I wasn't sure where to put it! But please read!


Lately I received a few comments from people that were making fun at the way I look. One of them was "you make Macy Gray look like Halle Berry". However, before this occurred, I always had a problem with the way I look, despite the fact that my boyfriend tells me every day how beautiful I am.


But since then, despite him telling me this, I feel horrible about myself. I can't stand to look at myself. I keep putting myself down, and I cry and get into hysteria if I even THINK about my boyfriend going out with his friends or if he is looking at other women. The simple fact of him going out with his friends to watch the skimpy's at the pub or looking at pictures of other women just makes me bawl my eyes out (see, I'm doing it as I type this!)


I told my boyfriend last night that I don't have an issue with trust. It's just the fact that I hate myself, and he is so gorgeous that he could pick up any girl other than me and probably be much better off.


I can't bear this any more. I don't know how to stop feeling so terrible about myself. I should believe what my boyfriend tells me but I just can't do it. I just feel so awful about myself right now. What can I do!?

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tell yourself if you keep acting so negative that your bf might leave you for being a pain. we all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder. and it's awesome that your bf sees you as beautiful too. beauty is only skin deep. let your glowing personality shine through and the rest will follow.

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Lately I received a few comments from people that were making fun at the way I look. One of them was "you make Macy Gray look like Halle Berry".


First of all, whoever said that to you is a total jerk. He/she probably thought it was just a funny thing to say, and knows you aren't unattractive. But they wanted to get attention by saying something cutting about someone else.


If you continue to take this idiot's comment personally, you are going to let them have even more power about how you feel about yourself.


Right now, just erase that comment from your mind, and tell yourself every day that you are beautiful. We are our own best friends - or enemies. At the moment, you're just joining in with whoever said hurtful things about you by repeating them to yourself every day.


Now stop it!


- Scout

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You are not going crazy. In fact, I know EXACTLY how you feel. For years (and to some extent even now) I was convinced that I was hideous even though people had told me I was beautiful for as long as I can remember. It didn't matter though b/c when I'd look in the mirror I'd see someone ugly looking back at me. It got so bad that one year I tried to seriously hurt myself after looking at a Victoria's Secret catalogue. Fortunately that was something of a wake-up call. (DO NOT ever hurt yourself over this. It's not worth it at all!!!) Anyway, I was finally diagonosed as having a lovely combination of obsessive compulsive disorder and body dysmorphic disorder. I still struggle with my appearance and am often jealous of other women but it gets better iwth time and with age. As you get older you will realize that looks are not that important. In fact, they are the most temporary thing about a person. Everybody gets older. Their looks "fade" and things like who you are as a person are by far more important. Perhaps you could go see someone. It helped me. As for women in magazines, please know that those pictures are COMPLETELY fake. Have you ever seen a model in real life? They do not at all look the way they do in the magazines. That is all makeup and lighting and air brushing and computer graphics. It is sickening that the media attempts to present that image as reality. It affects men, too, with the images of male beauty the media forces on society. I still have a long way to go to become as confident as I'd like to be. And confidence, I have learned, is more attractive than how a person looks.

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oh god. i know where you're coming from. you're still just 17, what girl doesn't have insecurities at 17! Honey sometimes people speak out of jealousy. Poeple can be cruel and purposely hurt someone. Sometimes others can tell that one is insecure and use that against them to bring them down. You need to look at yourself in the mirror and say "I AM BEAUITFUL" if your boyfriend didn't think so then he wouldnt be with you or less tell you that. If you hate your boyfriend going out because yu get jealous spasms, well maybe you should go out with your girlfriends too and check out some cuties (mind you ONLY look!). Confidence brings out the beauty in any human being, from the most gorgeous to the most average. So remember YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!

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