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cant get her to talk

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ok i love this girl and i know she loves me she told me she wants to live with me for the rest of her life but when we on the phone its boaring she does not talk much i do all the talking is there any way i can make her talk i mean i tried everything nothing works if anyone can give me a tip thnx

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hey. wow its just like me n my recent ex. loved eachother but the phone just SUCKED. honestly that was one of his flaws, i didnt like that about him, i know he isnt THE ONE, because i need someone who i can just talk to for hours and just be so into it...honestly im not saying breakup or anything but it should be something you think about. but about getting her to talk...theres no real way...you guys are dealing, if the comfort level isnt there yet i dont know when its suppose to show up. try using other forms of communication, email, IM, maybe the conversations are better, they were much better for us (i think the phone was hard b/c of him scared of his rents hearing). so try other ways...that might help. try asking her questions, random conversational questions or deep WATEVER, she might end up getting the idea. good luck with that, because for me it became very annoying.

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