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My ex fiance and I split up...we did the long distance relationship for 3 years. I moved from the states to Ontario to be with her while she finnishes school. I lived there for close to a month, and things were bad. She was very harsh towards me. The communication was minimal and she would always pick fights.


Basically the spark was no longer there. It wasnt all her fault, I was guilty of empty promise after empty promise. But we were so close when we were together. For 4 years before we got together we were friends and now we havent spoke in over a month.


I know what we have is over, but part of me wants still wants to be part of her life as a friend because ill always care about her. I thought about writing saying I am no longer mad at her, and want to continue our friendship. I do feel we need to go time apart before talking...perhaps a few months or even a year or two. If we were meant to be friends are paths will cross once again.


But part of me thinks she doesnt deserve me. She hurt me twice like this so maybe we werent even meant to be friends?


Im confused....your thoughts

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