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My ex and I broken up for 9 months and we're been talking since our break up. Yesterday, I was able to pay her a visit (2 hours drive) and spent the night with her. When asked how she felt about me, she said she loves me but not the same love that once she had with me so I dropped the subject and started to talk about something else.


I want to show her that I still love her and I think about her everyday. But, it kills me not knowing that her hearts still with me or is it focusing on someone else. So, my questions is, should I just take things slow, less contact than before? (we talked almost once every other day). been supportive even if she talks to her guy friends? (she told me, she has alot of guy friends). I don't know what to do? I really want to be with her but I don't want to push her away.


Please, someone tell me the meaning of taking it slow?

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The fact that she said she doesn't feel the same love for you that she once did is a bad sign - it sounds to me like she might be trying to tell you to back off. Playing it slow is definitely the way to go. You definitely should not say anything to her about her guy friends - if you can't accept them, you should move on. If she appears to want to talk to you every day, that's fine, but don't pressure her. I think you should just call her periodically (maybe once every few days, or once a week), and try to hang out with her when you can. But above all, don't pressure her. Keep things light and friendly for a while while you try to figure out how she feels. Don't jump into talking about a relationship until you think she is ready. Just be her friend for a while, and try to figure out what's going on in her head.

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