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The other night at work I was working near a guy that I like very much. Now when I first started there we got along fine and then we began flirting with each other. I was told that he liked me and he even said that a few people were trying to set us up. My response to that was that he was to old for me I was 19 and he was 29, we're now 21 and 30. In actual fact I didn't really mean it he just took me by surprise. Now 2 years on we are both still single and last night he really got to me.

He was saying to another work mate how he hates being single and how he was chasing someone who was 20ish. He then looked at me (with a weird look) and said but she doesn't like the age situation. Now was he directing this at me or am I imagining things? And if he is directing it at me do you think he's trying to tell me something?


Any advice would be appreciated.



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I you are interested in the guy, and you really don't mind the age gap, which is not a real issue, us girls are much more mature than guys our age, then flirt with him, or make sure he hears/knows that you don't mind age that much anymore. If he's interested he will make a move straight away. You have nothing to loose.


If you dont know how to approach the subject, ask him when's his birthday, then jokingly how old he will be, and then say something like, wow we are not really that far appart! or "ooo I love men in their 30's, they know what they want in a woman...etc.etc." If he's interested, then is the time he will show it.

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completely up to you, but if you like him, give it a try, this might even be the great relationship that's been eluding you.


On the other hand, there is still an age gap, but as we grow older, it matters less and less, becouse we all mature, and the same values surface.


Hope you make the right choice for you!

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OMG, based on what you said, I think he's interested in you. If you are tired of the games and running in circles, stop playing them and just go up to him and ask him out. If he thinks yoiu are against the age thing, he won't make a move, but if you ask him out, it dispels that theory and you're good to go.

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Go for it! Even if you're not sure it's you he's talking about (though I'm sure it is), if you like the guy then you shouldn't throw away the possiblities! And the age thing REALLY isn't that big of a thing, if you think about it! Enjoy life! Have fun, and go for it! Good luck!

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