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Question about FWB


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Need some opinions on this one.....


My FWB told me he loves me. I didn't freak out about it or anything, didn't even talk to him about how he meant it. We are really good friends outside our "arrangement", so I'm wondering does he mean it in a romantic way. I don't know if any other FWB if one of the partners says this and mean it. Any opinions or thoughts on this. Guys who are in a FWB relationship don't normally say this do they?

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I've never been in a 'Friends With Benefits' relationship and I'm not sure if I can believe they truly exist? I've heard other people have successful ones, but I have a sneaking suspicion that in all of those relationships one of the 'friends' has deeper feelings for the other person? I could be wrong!


I don't expect many guys in the kind of relationship you describe would say this, but I think your friend was being honest, and I think that yes he probably does mean it in a romantic way.


You should talk to him about it and then you'll know for sure

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