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Fear's Masquerade


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"Fear's Masquerade"



You linger in the shadows with your hungering stare,




I inch to move closer but my heart cries, "Don't dare!"




Frigid chills fall down my spine; a needle affect,




I tense to turn towards you but fail to my discontent,




Blurs and swirls of color envelop my senses,




My brain moves a million beats per second I've gathered from my consensus,




Your cold stare freezes my body in both thought and movement,




The first law of motion states I must stay in rest, unless pushed by improvement,




A daze cascades over my body; white hot like burning flesh,




I hold my hands up in reproach, "I'm fading" is my guess,




The final toll has struck from the Bell of deprave,




I stand here frozen in space and time, because I could not pry your gaze,




The jig is up, I've found you out, there is nothing left for you here,




I ask myself why it happened, and the answer was my biggest fear.

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I guess accepting the guilt will feel easier with time? I know it was for the best...I know even if I continued the relationship with nothing happening I still would have not been fully satisfied and we would have broken up by the end of the year due to careers etc anyways...But I still miss having him in my life even though I know it wouldn't have worked out.


I think I'm more upset about what happened then the actual breaking up part.

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