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This isn't a huge deal, and I mainly am just curious as to what kind of advice people on here would give me (as opposed to the decisions I already made), but here goes.


Met a girl about a month ago, ran into each other a few times around, then at a bar, got her number and a late night text from her about something we had talked about. Followed up that weekend, went on a date, went really well. Saw her again at a bar while out with friends, scheduled another date that she then rescheduled (but was really apologetic and rescheduled immediately). The next week it seemed like she cooled off on me (rescheduled again, without a clear new date, didn't respond to the 2-3 texts I sent asking her about it over the next few days), which I was disappointed about but it wasn't the end of the world, I have met a lot of possibilities lately, she's just the one that had me most interested. Flash forward to the other day, hadn't really thought about her for a while, she comes up to me very excited to see me and brought up hanging out together. Any advice on how to go forward? She's been less interested when I pursued, and when we run into each other unexpectedly she seems much more interested.


Also, she's older than me and seems a little stuck on that.

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You can't really speculate why she's on and off being that you don't know her that well. I'd say play it by ear. If you enjoy going out with her, then go out with her. If this hot/cold thing becomes a trend, you may not want to put up with it.


I'm pretty busy and know a lot of people, and even if I really like them, sometimes I simply can't give a person I just met my full attention.

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