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Ex Fiance came to me in tears?


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Once again, sorry I tend to write very long posts. Theres a lot of detail here. So I appreciate those who read and can give me an honest reply.


a week ago I posted about the situation with him leaving me cuz he just gave up and moved on in a matter of days. I was in pretty bad shape then and still am but I'm sort of like perplexed at his behavior too. Hes been mostly NC with me until today. I saw him at work as usual he found out that I was putting in my two weeks (everybody is a snitch here) he came to find me on my break and start crying. He first asked me if he was the reason I was leaving, which I didn't really care to answer (obviously) Then he tells me voluntarilty that he never left me for her, and he would never pick her over me or something. A bit hypocritical to say that now, seeing as he's already with her.


He reminded me again why he left. That when we fought he would threaten to leave me and I would say "just go!" and he said that because of this and the fact that I said mean things to him too, it is all my fault that we are in this predicament. I don't understand how that really matters now. Why does he feel the need to make me feel bad for that? I told him it was not fair for me to sit there and be forced to hear those things and be expected to beg to him to stay?? If he was verbally abusing me and I retaliated, so how is it wrong that I had to defend myself? He didn't think about that I guess. He cried again. We shared a brief memory and cried a bit then I had to return to work.


I told him that he made the decision to stop seeing me and moved so why is he getting all shaken up? I have a really great opportunity approaching, I want to get a new job! it will help me heal and ill have more money and I just can't sit next to HER everyday knowing that I lost my fiance & 3yrs relationship to her. Who would do that? It makes little sense.


Before we parted ways he said he wanted to call me to talk. I made sure if it was what he wanted (seeing as he blew me off the first time) so I agreed. Later I saw he left his car at work when I was going home for the night which means she came to pick him up to go out. Few hours later he texted saying he would call in a few and of course he didnt call. I could have called him but seeing as that he was probably with her that would be awkward.


This is the first time he broke down like that in public. He cried for a while at his desk too. I felt sad that I put faith in him thinking he would call. We havent had a face to face talk for weeks. I'm feeling like he might be confused or just mad that I wanted to go away. Maybe he wanted to keep me there incase this chick never worked out so he had something to fall back on? (like hell! Everybody at work found out what he did and they are extremely disappointed in him. One woman who is a friend of his, told him she wanted to punch him in the face, another woman said she had no idea what he sees in that girl, he went from Macy's to Kmart LOL) I used to want him back so badly but now I just want to get rid of him out of my life! He's so confusing. That new girl has a lot on her plate if things get serious with him. thought most of us are thinking shes just a rebound.


Maybe it was a fluke. I had gotten my hopes up because he seemed very emotional when I talked about our memories and how I missed and loved doing things with him. He did say one more thing before he left. That from the looks of it, I learned a lot from him and that maybe this is what we both needed, to grow and maybe we will meet again down the line. He looked like he wanted to cry, then shook his head and said "well lets still talk later" and walked away.


Any input on this? I'm at point now that i kind of just don't care. Im just sick of everything he's done. He seems rather pathetic now. Should I continue moving forward and forget this guy cuz He seems kind of off lately. I don't think he will ever come back at all. I'm feeling better than I was days ago, I have a therapist appointment on Tuesday, and even tho I am feeling this way, I think I should still go and talk to her anyway. Unlike him, I have soul and need time to mend.

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I think you're doing the right thing. A new job can totally take your mind off of him, you won't have any daily reminders of what an a**hat he is


It doesn't seem like he'll bother calling, but I think he's approaching you because in the end he wants to feel validated for how he acted. He wants the new girl and for you to be a-okay with everything.

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You know exactly what you have to do and I am proud of that-it shows that you're past your grief enough that it won't disable you. He made a poor choice but you are not responsible, his crying was his guilt talking, and it is sadly pathetic because he had put this all into action. Unfortunately because of his choice in an office woman it's pretty much a soap opera for everyone else. Good on you for moving forward and moving on. Find that peace and quiet away from him.

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