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Need Advice! Broken up for 1 month, and now he's trying to piss me off...

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My ex and I were together for 2 years, and I moved out a month ago.... Things had become so ugly between us, I refused to work on the relationship after being called a on a daily basis. He was mentally and emotionally abusive, and tried real hard to control me. When he realized that I wasn't going to take his crap, it just got nastier and nastier... Obviously, I left......


So, last night, I walked into the local watering hole that has always been what I consider, MY bar, where I am friends with the staff, know all the patrons, and am considered family... (and he has always known it,) and found out that he had been in there, and had just left 5 minutes before, with his old girlfriend. I know it shouldn't bother me, but I consider this an invasion of my world. I have suffered through 2 deaths in my immediate family this year, lost my job, got out of a horrible relationship, and feel like I deserve to have my sanctuary left alone.


He announced to everyone that he would be back on Tuesday, which is a day that I regularly meet up with a group of my friends. I don't want to give him any power by not going, but even thinking about seeing him makes me feel physically ill. I'm open to any and all advice!!!

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He is continuing his abuse. He is insecure, and mentally unstable. This is a sign of a very weak man, and he seeks to control and de-value those under him to appease his messed up ego.


I would show up, wave to him, and continuing talking to your friends. Have no care in the world for that weak man. That will hit him right where it hurts.

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