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Thinking too far into this?


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My girlfriend has been extremely love dovey lately telling me everything that she loves about me and what not. She is currently living 1.5 hours away so its semi-long distance. I was talking to her on the phone this afternoon after she has had a long day and I said I wanted to talk to her later. She definitely perked up and asked about what?! I said I had nothing in particular and that I just like talking to her but I would come up with something to talk about. I could tell the wind went out of her sails....


What do you think she was thinking i was going to talk about? Any thoughts....just looking for opinions!

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She is human. If anyone says they want to talk to you about something later you will react the exact same way. You dont know whats coming and yeah, you worry. Not because you are guilty but because you've just announced a surprise and its not necessarily a good one.

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