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Anyone here successfully gone through a career change?

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To the older kiddos here:

Have any of you done a career change in your 30s? I was a therapist and grew to despise the work...it was too emotionally exhaaaaausting. So, I studied my butt off and got some Cisco certifications. I'm a Network Engineer without solid work yet. Any engineers here? I love the technical nonemotional aspect of the work. Oh my goodness it's a dream come true.

Seriously though, I have had job leads, but no offer yet. Luckily a friend gave me 1.5 years experience in his company. So, I'm a newbie, but not.

Anyway, just curious to hear from anyone who has gone through a career change. Was it a positive change in your life? I feel like a brand new person. It's great to learn something completely and totally new from anything I've studied earlier in my life.

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I did a complete 360. I am a physical therapist but left that profession after a few years because of my own back problems. The irony killed me. It was just too much butt kissing to surgeons for referrals, the marketing, the patients lying to you to get bigger lawsuits, more pain pills, or more days off from work. It was exhausting and I gave it up when I came back from a vacation. I walked in at 8am and quit at 9am. I just couldn't do it anymore. I then went into the restaurant business and my workload actually increased to about 100 hrs a week. I am finally out of it and I am back in physical therapy with a different company and the salaries have doubled since I left. I couldn't be happier. I am working only 40 hrs per week now and it feels like vacation every day.

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Studied my butt off too and spent 4 years in the advertising industry. Didn't really enjoy it (ask anyone else whose been in it they'l know why). Did a post grad diploma in teaching. Have now been teaching for 7 years. VERY rewarding profession. Was 29 when I made the change. So very possible

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