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i went NC.. and then ex reached out

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Ok, it has not been much. Very minimal.. but I dont get it anyway.


He went from talking to me (calling, texing) to telling me to leave him alone & he doesnt want to be with me. Don't get me wrong.. I still believe him to an extent to say it. Even if he came back now, I would be his option??


And we're told "Never make someone a priority, when you are only their option."


But still, I did something I havent often done with him. I went NC after he said those things. (that was 3 weeks ago now) Four days ago he text me asking if I am going to get something I have at his house (I have had it there since July. Its not in the way and he had told me it can stay there, awhile ago.) But, I took that text to be that he just doesnt want to look at it. (btw, I would get it if I could right now. I cant. it's my broken down car and I have no where to keep it until I can get it fixed.) But, because it was about my property, I had to answer. I told him I am working on it and then left it at that. Afterward, thinking it "might have been a reason for him to contact me, but still was probably just him not wanting to look at it any longer" so, I couldnt read too much into it.


But then two days ago, he sent me a text. "Happy Thanksgiving". I didnt respond. To this one, I cant understand (other than he is sick). To wish a person a happy anything after you tell them you want them to go away and dont want to be with them (when they, me , have told you they care etc) makes no sense to me. He said mean, curt things. Then to reach out with that??


I understand it was only a text. That's why I have not responded. That text is contact from the ex, but not enough to make me think he cares that much. I had said ALL I could when we were talking. I exhausted every avenue. Everything had been said...where he knew I cared and wanted to spend time with him. He resisted it. Told me to go away. Leave him alone. So finally, I did and give him what he wanted. I was also doing it to begin to heal, even though I do miss him. But, I wanted him to see me because he wanted to. He wasnt going out of his way. Now, the mentality to act that way with me, but even wish me a happy anything... doesnt make sense to me.


Sure, it is what I wanted.... but not enough to jump on like it means the world. He would have to do a whole hell of a lot more to show me.


What do you think??

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