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Need some Guy Advice


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I like it. If I don't respond back, simply means I'm busy with something, not annoyed. Overall, I think texting is great.


I'll hate it when they send me like responses like this:

and then they'll say something

and send another text

and then another idea fires in their head

and here comes another text

and before I get the chance to reply

another text

and I'll try to catch everything they say

but they keep sending the texts

and now I can't type

and messages keep pouring in

and then my phone will freeze

and I'll turn it off

and I'll turn it back on

and 20 more texts notifications show up



I hate that

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I like receiving texts off a man if we're dating. However too many texts can be clingy.


I dated someone ages ago who would text me and if I didn't reply within 10 mins he'd text me again. It would drive me crazy because sometimes I was genuinely busy and didn't have the time to have a conversation via text messages. He actually thought I'd gone off him if I didn't text back within a few minutes. Argh.


It ended due to different reasons but the constant texting didn't help. I like my space.

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btw, I don't like BBM cause it shows you the other person read the message if they opened it, and I hate that because from both sides... it makes me wonder why they aren't texting me back and sometimes I won't feel like texting back right away and it'll send them the wrong message. I hate not having that privacy.



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