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Sometimes waking up feeling depressed momentarily.

In the Dark

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For the last few months or so, out of the blue I have been waking up feeling sad, down, depressed momentarily.

At first I concluded it was the dreams I was having which related to a time in my past which I would rather leave behind.

Because when this first started happening I did recall the dreams.


But recently like just about a hour or so ago, where I wake up and I don't recall any dreams yet having an sad/anxious feeling when on the verge of waking up and like usual, after half an hour or so the feeling dissipates.


So now, I'm not entirely sure what is causing this.

Has anyone had this happen?

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I've had the same thing on/off for years. I eventually linked it partially to my diet, specifically what I ate the night before.


Light, healthy meals would result in a good sleep and waking up with energy and no bad feelings. Heavier, not-so-healthy meals would result in what felt like a deeper sleep, but woke up in a depressed/groggy state for 30-60 minutes. I'm also pretty sure there was some apnea in there too until I lost weight.


This may not apply to you at all but wanted to throw it out there in case yours is as intermittent as mine was.

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I've been suffering from this since I lost my job a month ago. Sometimes I even have weird dreams about some of the people I used to work with, or the job in general. When I first wake up, I remember that my life kind of sucks now and I get depressed. I'm sure once I get a new job this will stop.

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Wow, this is exactly how I've been feeling for a long time. It went away but came back after my horrible break up a month ago. I always google "morning depression" to see if there is some kind of depression that occurs primarily when one wakes up. In the past month or so, mine seems to go on for a significant part of the day. I want it to end.

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