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What should I think of this? 17-25


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I've posted in here before about this guy at my gym named Stephen


Well Tuesday I saw him at my gym and he talked to me before I even started working out for at least 30 minutes. Then when i was finished working out he was like, "Where were you working out?"


I looked at him confused and said, "In the women's section"


"no you weren't I was looking for you and couldn't find you."


So anyway he was looking for me and even got one of his friends to help find me. He and I then talked for another 30-40 minutes before I left. And as I left I asked him if I'd see him Wednesday cause it was my last day before I left for Birmingham, Alabama for a month. He said yes and we'll watch a movie after yoga (he always waits for me to get picked up from the gym which is around 10:00pm, yoga ends at 8:00pm)


So its Wednesday, he's there and then after class I go through the women's section to get to the girl's locker room and I see his girlfriend, Jessica. I don't know her but I met her once before. She looked very pissed. So I met back up with Stephen and the yoga instructor went over the intercom and said, "Stephen and Sarah to the front desk, Stephen and Sarah" She was kidding but me and him went up to the front desk and then Jessica came out of the women's section ( I guess to see why the yoga instructor called me and Stephen) and pretty soon it was just Me, Stephen and Jessica. It was only about 8:20 and I still had to wait another hour and 40 minutes before I could get home. I told Stephen they could leave but he insisted on staying and waiting with me. Jessica was obviously not leaving without him which turned into an awkward situation. She didn't speak one word to me. Nor did I say anything to her. She kept touching Stephen though and trying to make out with him right in front of me but he kept saying no. Finally after she asked if they could leave about 3 times they left around 8:40. He hugged me goodbye (which I really wish he didn't because it was right in front of her and it was already awkward)


Well now I'm in Birmingham and my mom called and told me Stephen broke up with Jessica because of how she acted that night. How he didn't like how she reacted and didn't like how she kept trying to make out in front of me. So I don't know what to think of this. My friend insists he broke up with her "for me" but I feel bad and think i should have tried to be nicer to her to maybe make her feel better about the whole thing. I didn't even try to have a conversation with her. (although in my defense, she did look mega pissed) I kept saying he broke up with her "because of me" My grandfather says the whole thing is stupid and if Stephen broke up with Jessica because of that then their relationship was already falling apart and he just needed a way out.


I don't know what to think of this. He and I have had a couple moments where I feel like there might be something (it started with him bringing me vegan cookies, then staying with me after yoga, watching movies with me until I got picked up, even taking 3 yoga classes with me, lending me some ps3 stuff)


Am I reading into this to much? I need advice/opinions.

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I'm unsure if you and stephen were friends before and if Jessica knew this... Or if yu were some random girl that her BF seemed to be hitting on and flirting with at the gym?


Are you now thinking of dating Stephen?

Ask yourself this... How will you feel when he starts flirting with some other girl right in front of you?


He sounds like he has some growing up to do

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buddha55: I don't know whats going on, please tell me what you think is going on! I want advice on how to handle it or if you think he broke up with her for a way out of their relationship... idk just some feed back would be nice.


And btw, I'm leaving Birmingham December 9th, I was just visiting. I still have to finish High School in SC.


Flyingpiglet: Jessica had no idea until about a month ago. And after she met me one of my sisters friends came up to her and said "Oh! You know Stephen ---- ? I'm his girlfriend's best friend! He trains your little sister right?"


Which I thought was weird considering he is not training me and I don't even think he's a trainer anymore o_O So he might have told Jessica he trained me to down play whatever we had going on...


I was the random girl her BF was flirting with. For sure. That's why it was so awkward. And I don't blame her for getting upset, I would get upset if I found out my boyfriend was waiting with some girl until 10:00 (2 hours after he got off work) and he didn't even tell me about it! D;


Yesyesyes. I want to date him. He's really nice to me, and I just think he has had an on/off situation with his girlfriend and hasn't really wanted to stay with her. But idk.


I wouldn't care as long as it never went any further. I'm not jealous at all, but I would expect him to tell me about her if it went any further like waiting with her to get picked up! Its just a weird situation right now.



I'm kind of afraid Jessica will say something to me if I see her in the Gym... Do you guys think she'll even bother talking to me?

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If I were you I would be very hesitant. At 17 years old the 25 to 17 gap is pretty big. Are you actually 18 yet (your profile says 18, your post says 17). I think you should just be friendly with him and not date him. Was his other girlfriend your age too? I dated a girl 8 years younger than me but we are both 10 years older than you two. I think in your age range the difference is more significant and really he showed a lot of disrespect to his GF... I think if anything SHE maybe dumped him because she got pushed into the situation. What goes around comes around. Would you want to be in Jessica's situation?

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