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I Think He May Like Me...? But He Is Shy. Should I ask him out?


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I have a class with this guy which is once a week. We have finally after about a month gotten to the point where we can talk, but he is very shy- (& that is saying a lot since I am on the shy side as well!) Lots of things point in the direction of him liking me.. but shy guys are so hard to read! He flirts with me/teases with me; he does talk to me, but I usually have to initiate it.. once we start talking he does open up a bit, sharing about himself, but he still gets real nervous & fidgety w/ crossing, uncrossing his arms & moving around & stuttering. He laughs at my jokes, and vice versa. He seems to act more different towards me than other girls, and other people in the class. After we talk & joke around, he will look at me a lot & seems a lot more enthusiastic, & I'm sure he can see the same with me haha..

I am pretty & I think I may intimidate him.. but I am friendly & I genuinely like the guy so I think he may be able to tell. I know guys are not good at picking up the signs, but I make it known that I only have eyes for him, he is the only one I really look at, let alone flirt with. We seem like we would really click: same temperament, goofy personality, style, interests.. and I really REALLY want to get to know him! But time is clicking down & I only have 3 more classes with him until the semester is up. I have been giving him the signs & opportunities to see I am interested in him, but he hasn't taken the bait. I enjoy that we are taking things slow because I don't like jumping right out & saying "HEY WANNA GET COFFEE SOMETIME??" but at the same time, I want to know that it will happen! He always has a friend around, so that is a bit of a disadvantage on my part to ask him alone & then ask him out for coffee, or lunch.. whatever.

So.. I think this guy likes me, (think being the key word), and I really want to get to know him, but with both of us being shy.. should I just ask him? I don't want to freak him out, but at the same time I think he would say yes.. I just have this gut feeling that he is interested too, but too shy to ask. I've just never asked a guy out so the idea of rejection & awkwardness scares me. What should I do? Do you think he likes me & I should just go for it? How to show a shy guy you want him to ask you out?? How to ask out a shy guy? Any help please! I really like him

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I had to take initiative with my boyfriend when we first went out because he's absolutely the shyest guy I know as well... I'm more of an aggressive type and even though I had to question his shyness at first, I finally decided to go for it and I'm really glad I did...


I suggest if this guy is worth it, to drop your own shyness, be more aggressive and go get what you want. I too was on the fence with my guy because his shyness sometimes looked like disinterest, but I shed the insecurities I had within myself and just went for it! If I were you, just be bold and confident... Try not to be too shy... show your confidence, guys like that. Just casually, but VERY confidently say "hey, Im going to go get something to eat after class, COME WITH"...


So ya, find a way to invite him somewhere where he won't have to second-think your invitation and he'll be sure you're asking him out. I find confidence and being assertive works well with shy guys (any guys for that matter...).

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That's a great way of asking someone out - TELL them to come with you! I never thought of that Be careful though - I ran into the "friends-zone" problem. Basically, I've "gone out" with the shy guy I like/that I think likes me several times, but I don't know if they constituted real dates or just friends hanging out time. Either way though, it's progress. You can at least get to know him without the pressure if it turns out to be the latter. I just need to get up the courage to spill the beans and actually find out if he truly likes-likes me Anyone have any experience in a similar situation?

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As a representative of shy guys everywhere (no, seriously, here's my shyness license), go for it. Common wisdom says that it's the dude that does the asking, but most shy guys would absolutely love it if a pretty (by your own admission) girl asked for some one-on-one time and took the pressure off their shoulders. That's how I got my first girlfriend: a girl that I thought was just an ordinary friend was really insistent and met up with me at every opportunity. Soon enough I realized that this girl was pretty nifty, and I'd be an idiot if I didn't buck up the courage and ask her.


In other words, do it. Don't even worry about leading up to it or finding a pretense for asking; if he has any brain matter sitting in his skull, he'll be delighted. If he has enough brain matter, he'll eventually follow up with asking YOU out.

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