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worried about myself

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I'm not sure if any of you have read my previous posts, but my ex and I finally broke up after an extremely mentally abusive relationship. I'm having a really difficult time keeping ahold of my cool on everything- Last night, I found out that he started seeing someone new- after only a MONTH. A two and a half year relationship, and hes moving on in a month. I feel like its not fair, why does he get to cheat to me, lie to me, treated me like crap, made me think I was crazy for thinking he was cheating, manipulating, and the list just goes ON and On... I don't get it- why does he get to move on and be happy?? Mean while, I'm stuck dealing with the monster that HE created. I have so much anger inside of me and I have no idea how to control it

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I wouldn't be surprised if this girl he 'started' seeing was probably someone he had an eye on for awhile. Most people just don't suddenly start dating three weeks after a breakup.


This guy lied to you, promised to marry you, and he did everything backwards in the end to hurt you. It doesn't seem like he wanted to try nor had any long-term plans as far as spending his life with you. You're better off without a person who can lie to your face and make your life miserable. He gets to move on because he's that heartless. Try to redirect that anger towards activities and thoughts that will lead to positive results; whether it'd be finding new activities, going out with friends, exercising and whatnot. What you're feeling is completely normal in response to his behavior and treatment.

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It sucks I know.....Its funny, my Mom started going to group grief counselling after my Dad died. Oh the stories!!

Many men were married for years and years-- their wives had only been dead for a few months and they already had girlfriends!


Basically none of the women were dating again--way too upset. Also, the men would flirt with the women at the group!


Since my Mom is a shrink, she found this absolutely fascinating. Many men can just say: "next" even if their beautiful wives died of cancer or whatever. Don't take it personally, its just the way some people are wired.


When you find your next, it will be amazing because you took the time to heal.

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