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Need some advice.


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Hi, im new on the site, so not sure how to go about this, I been with my girlfriend about nearly 14 years, have 2 kids under 12 years and im currently unemployed at the momment, both of us are in our early 40,s , my partner works full time , and i got laid off due to having Osteoarthritis , she said i was at it even though doctors reports said i have the condition, this laid to arguments and probably alcholol fuled ones which wont help, then she started geting really cold towards me even though i was trying to get work, she slagged me off to her friends on the phone and online, and now more recent a guy she seems to be getting very close to, i found this out due to her leaving her social network profile logged in, the chats between him and her start off innocent which i did not mind, but after a while there became a lot of sexuall reference

and of wanting to meet, he even said to her.. get rid of him you deserve better(and i dont mean me lol) ..i contacted him via pm ..and he told me it was just friends having banter and my girfriend has said this also ,even though they have been chatting for about 3 months , she has also said she is leaving after xmas , but she might stay if i stop my carry on, says that i hassle her and give her the blame of going out with these imaginery men, kidz dont want me to go and i dont want to break up with her or be apart from my kids, i love her and the kids so much, tell her i love her and how beautiful she is, and do almost anything she asks, Told me loads of people chat to other people the way theve been doing, and i cant chage her, she says im paranoid, Just dont know what to do. any advice welcome . THANKS .

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