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I hate myself.


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I hate myself. I am always going to hate myself. I have lost 21 pounds and I still just hate everything about my body. I can't enjoy sex, I can't enjoy shopping, I can't food, I can't enjoy anything about life. All I like is cutting. I can't stop, nor do I want to stop even. I just don't want anymore visible scars. tell me how to cover scars, not how to stop doing it. I found one thing in my life that makes me feel better, I won't listen to those who tell me to stop.

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I'm not going to tell you to stop. But I am going to tell you to start. Start reaching out to your friends and your family. Start talking to people abou the issues, fears, emotions you are having. You need to START communicating what is making you feel this way. The people on this site can only do so much. But you can do EVERYTHING you can to START seeking help my friend. Start right now!!

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Keep doing it then and keep being sad in that life. It'll get you nowhere. Just an endless cycle of sadness and self pity.


You easily have the chance to change things around if you want to. You could enjoy all those things you currently hate and learn to hate the one thing you currently enjoy. Up to you to change it. Choose your path and live with it.

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Why have you posted when you know we will do the opposite of what you've requested?


Of course we're going to try and convince you to stop self harming, or at least reduce it and to reach out to professionals for help.


There are websites all over google on how to hide scars, but you won't get tips here because the tips you want are to encourage you to carry on self harming and to hide it from people who could help.


I won't ramble on about stopping, and how I understand, and how things could be better, but you won't get what you want here.

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