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When should you realize your down with your career choice?


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I am bitter and confused, but I do not know why.


For the past 10 years, I have been working in IT. Mainly performing work as a IT consultant going from project to project. Working with several companies over the years, I finally recently landed a direct hire position that pays pretty well. It pays close to 70K and has really nice benefits. Although... I'm not real happy. Its the end of my third day and I'm already starting to dislike it. There is nothing that I can think of yet that would generate this emotion. My supervisor seems ok, his boss appears cool, and there is nothing but just learning how to perform as a senior network engineer in my new position.


A close friend of mind, thinks I should leave IT. I've been working in it for awhile now and working in stressful work environments providing thankless help desk support to end users has worn me out. Not to mention, its almost like I am pause and nothing has progressed. With that, I mean that I originally started working in management roles. Roles that were not even in IT. I have two degrees, one in business management and the other in psychology. I fell into IT as a second job that evolved into a career. Although, I've come to realize that not only have I not been able to find a set position until recently, but I also am not able to use any of my skills. I've been told that I was much happier being a mult unit manager. Using my skills and education, whereas now, I just manage myself in a role that has not evolved into anyting. Even know in my new position, I have to once again reestablish myself, and try to move up slowly.


I'm not sure I want to do that. I'm thinking of leaving IT. So I ask, when or what is a good indication to leave a career to start another. I know I'd take a slight pay-cut, maybe, but I don't think I care.

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I think it just comes down to practicality. If you have no option but to keep working at your job..you can take classes in another field on the side or at nights. Jumping from one career to another is sometimes not economically feasible, not to mention if you have a family or dependents. I'm assuming you do not.


Do you have an idea of what you want to do? If you are wishy-washy I would think twice before jumping overboard.

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I think if you are only the third day on the job, I would give it a better fair shake! If I were you, I would bank much of my salary - as much as I could. Live off the salary level you used to live off of, or even be more frugal than that. Pay off your debt and save, save, save, save. If your last job paid $40-50K, the other 20K goes immediately to the bank or to refinance your to bring the payments down or otherwise get you debt free. That will put you in a better position and then if you feel like leaving IT, you have a parachute. I would definitely not leave now. It's depressing to be out of work over the holidays. May would give you 6 months on the job, or even stay there a year and think about what you want. Fill your time with hobbies and things that make you happy to balance out the "eh" factor. If you want to go back to being a regional manager of an electronics company, I would confidentially talk to recruiters, but don't do so yet - you will look like you are job hopping. And besides, a bird in the hand.

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