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  1. I felt this response. Thank you. I'll take your words strong to heart.
  2. Ok fair enough. I'll have to try and figure out why I end up in these situations.
  3. Haha. no, not the same person. I guess I'm putting myself in this situation.
  4. I am seeing a dentist. Thanks for your caring words. I'm going to try and talk to her and dig deeper into this.
  5. Over my adult years, I have a lot of women in my life from dating and girlfriends. Its not really a good or terrible thing. Which brings me to this post. I need to know what I'm doing wrong. I usually flee from relationships. Usually because i know not all woman act in a certain way. So here in my situation. I'm in a relationship with a woman that I care about a lot. I really do. In most areas, she is wonderful. Clearly not perfect of course. The problem that I'm struggling with is how she acts in regards to the house not being clean. If the bed isn't made, trashcans par
  6. Searching for some thoughts around this. I was recently talking to someone about them trying to move up at their current employer vs searching for a that step up elsewhere. In my experience, there are times when a person is already doing the responsibilities of the next role, but face office politics, favoritism, unfair challenges, etc within their company. But it seems to work better, when they simply just go and search for that next challenge elsewhere. I've been trying to find some data around this but I've been failing. I might be wording my search wrong. Anyway, thoughts aga
  7. For some time now, I've been hiding my depression. Trying to be strong for others, my friends, employees, etc. It almost feels pointless. It's like I get hit by these waves of unhappiness. It's random. I honestly don't know what to do about it. I've tried a few things. No change. My desire for fun is sapped. I can't get back my strong desire to hit the gym. I'm not sucidal, but I honestly get how a person can start to feel that way over depression. I dont like how I feel. No I hate it. So all that said, I have almost no desire to have sex. Nothing. It's just not there. Don't get me wro
  8. A lot of times when we go out to places, she gets in a funk thinking I'm not having fun. She says my face looks bored or that I appear to not be having a good time. Not true! In all my adult dating years, no woman has ever said this to me. I literally have no idea at how I should try to approach this. I've thought acting lessons and maybe some research on how to work on my body language. Well that's it. Any feedback or advice?
  9. Thank you both for the responses. I too hope things get better. The crazy part is that I havent mentioned another headache. So I'm feeling I made the right choice. I'm still sort of questioning it but I guess at this point, I was out of options.
  10. She agreed in anger. So I'm giving her a chance to move out on her own before I involve the police. I actually don't want to call it off but I just hate the dread feeling I have day to day about her anger. Not to mention, the disrespect I get. What really bothers me is that she could have easily just responded to my question and said, "he messaged me", "I sent him a video", etc. I wouldn't have been upset. I saw the message bubble, then his name, and I asked. She then immediately blew up.
  11. At one point, I feared it daily. That any words spoken would bring about rage. She has gotten better but clearly it's still there. I can't even say the words, "calm down" to her. Apparently that just makes her madder.
  12. Today my girlfriend came into my home office and handed me her phone. Wanting me to see a video. As the video is playing, a instant message pops up from her ex-boyfriend. I see it. Pause. Then I asked, "are you messaging your ex?". At which point she went nuts. Started yelling, cursing, telling me it's none of my business. Saying I ask too many questions. Asking why did I even ask. She's yelling at the top of her lungs and just going frantically nuts. I asked her to calm down at this point because I feared my neighbor might call the cops. Not to mention, I felt big time disrespecte
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