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How do I stop worrying all the time???


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I worry too much about my job, my relationships, what my next step is in and life and really need to trust that God will work things out for me the way they are supposed to. I feel like I'm always focusing on what I think will happen negatively instead of focusing on what is good now. I feel like I'm constantly freaking myself out and making myself anxious when I think of all the things I have no control over. It's hard to train my brain to stop and I can quiet it for awhile but eventually my thoughts get to me again.


Any advice?

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When you find yourself worrying, pause, take a breath, and notice how much energy it takes to worry and how exhausting it is. If you're like me, you're very good at worrying. Which means we're good at focusing energy intensely on something. Focusing energy can be a good thing, very useful, especially in a crisis. I convince myself it will be handy if to have that energy if that awful thing happens, so best not to exhaust myself now and be worn out when I do need it. Conserve that energy now by deep breathing, relaxing and knowing you'll be ready when you need to act. Know that this relaxing and ability to focus will keep you alert to what is needed should the crisis happen. If this imagined crisis is long term, you can do a few small things to prepare while you are in this rested state.


(I used this technique when my son was a teen out driving at night and before cellphones. I would lie awake worrying, and it dawned on me that it would be far better to get some sleep so I'd be able to function should I get a call from the hospital in the wee hours of the morning. Thank goodness I never got that call.)

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Journeynow has some good tips. I'm very solution based. So, if you get worried about your job, what are you worrying about exactly? If it's job security, focus on making yourself an invaluable member of the team. If you're worried about your relationship, focus on how you can improve them, or on what you can do to develop new ones. I think the energy and focus is a good point, but instead of worrying about something, why not direct that to the positive aspects of what you can do to prevent a potentially negative situation or outcome?


Other techniques that I know some people use are meditation, yoga, athletics, or deep breathing. It allows clarity to address a particular issue, gives your brain a break, and the techniques used to focus solely on the body can be used even outside of these settings. For example, a yoga meditation/breathing technique can be used any time of day or night for just a couple of minutes to clear your head of thoughts, and sharpen the mind. I hope that helps!

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