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Can you be really happy with an imopotent man?


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Simple question..Can you?

I know there are other ways how to give pleasure but how do you satisfy him if there is nothing you can do to help him? He is in his late 30. I am in my late 20s. And there was a time when I would give up everything for life with him. But that is another story.

I wonder what is going on in men's mind and if you, women, can be still happy with them.

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I'm somewhat struggling with this issue also. I have been seeing a guy for a few weeks who is on medication that makes it very difficult for him to become fully erect and/or orgasim.


I think as long as the two people involved are honest, keep communication open, then you can be happy in this kind of situation.

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I find this question difficult to answer because if you say "No! No way!" some dude who has impotence could be reading this and thinking that they will never find a mate - and that is simply not true. There is a lid to every pot.


So - to you I say: No. Personally, I am a sexual person. I am young. I need sexuality and this wouldn't cut it for me. I would be quite unfulfilled.


To impotent dude who may be reading this, I say: Relationships are about more than just sex. There are many women (and men) who don't really like sex and would be thrilled to not have to do it on a regular basis, if at all. You would be prudent to try to find someone like this. But you CAN definitely find someone.


I think it's different if you are married, committed to building a life together (or have already done so, etc.). But when you are young? Tough pill to swallow. There is a lid to every pot. This lid would not fit my pot at this point in my life.

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If I liked everything else about him, I'd work with him on the sexual issue. Impotence can be overcome and a little support can go a long way. However, if it prevented us from ever having intercourse or oral sex, I don't know if I could stay with that long term. I could do it for someone I was in love with and had been in a committed relationship for a while, however, it'd be hard to start a new relationship.

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Nowadays there are doctors and medicines that can perhaps cure his inability to be able to perform. But just remember that this is a sensitive issue and not to ridicule, grin or say anything that would make him feel any less of a man. A lot of men (not all) put so much emphasis on their ability to be able to please a woman that when they can't do it, they will shut down and can become very emotional or withdraw. If anything, you want to encourage and not discourage because you want your partner to be able to relax and feel comfortable around you. I've known some women to say very mean-spirited or counter-productive things; tease, laugh, make fun of or fall back with a sigh and a look of disgust and frustration - don't! Control your emotions and remember to be as supportive as you can.

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