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Date like activities?!


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Ok so the title may be a bit misleading. Im trying my luck with online dating again, after relocating to a different country. so far i've got more people who are interested to meet me then I can count which can be good an bad on its own.


yesterday I just met the first (of many). it was a casual meetup. im just wondering how to differentiate whether she is interested in being just a friend or more.


when we parted she suggested next time we go see a film.


do i just go out with her a few more times and see how much better (or worse) we get along? oh and is there any definite way that i can tell she only wants friends or is ready to date. I'd think being on a dating site most people are the latter but can settle for the former if needed..


any advice?

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Firstly, well done you for getting all these dates


Don't leave it up to the ladies whether they want to date or be friends.... How do you feel?

Personally, when I've been on dating sites, I've met people with the sole intention of dating them.


I would limit it to two dates for each woman until you decide who you want to carry on with... Then take it from there... All sounds a bit clinical I guess but you've got to whittle it down somehow! Just don't give any of them the impression that you are exclusive!

Unless of course one of them really gives you that feeling....


Just for the record, I hate going to watch a film for the first few 'getting to know you' dates, You don't get to talk much... I'd only do it if the plan was to go in an afteroon/early evening and go out for dinner and/or drinks after. But maybe she's hoping for a bit of hand holding action or something

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