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Love is so revolting.


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First of all this is a vent thread. If any of you disagree with me that's fine, but don't post here because likely I'll get an infraction or you will. Secondly, yes I am looking for attention, or I wouldn't be posting here in the first place but I'm not a troll.


I genuinely am disgusted by the whole love concept. It's full of lies and deceit. Nobody truly loves anybody but themselves and their own selfish desires. The selfish gene, that's what animals possess and it's what humans are all about. Humans want beauty, power and money. It's what drives and motivates every human being in this planet. They love power, they love money and they love beauty, they do not love one another. They convince themsleves they do when they're failures at the above. Because when you're a failure at obtaining power, money or beauty you have to compensate. Hence why an ugly couple say they're madly in love, they have nothing else to fall back on.


what makes greatness? How much love you can obtain or how much power you can get? Ask yourself this? Nobody remembers those who gained love, those who gained power, many remember those throughout history.


Love is weaker then power. So why do so many look for love when power offers so much more? And you need nobodies approval other then you own to obtain it. Because if you truly want to rule at anything you do you will get it.

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