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To those who have been in a relationship with both sexes/genders

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Do you find that things are different between men and women?


When I was with a guy, I often felt like something was missing, but I never quite knew what it was or how to get it, and I'd become frustrated. Now I wonder if I was looking for the same emotional connection that I had with a woman, and most of the time when I tried to get that connection, it was like I kept on running into a wall, and he was even a lot more emotionally open than most guys I knew. But I loved the physical connection. The physical connection I had with a girl was nice, but I tend to be more sexually compatible with men.


Is it generally like this, or is it just the particular people that I was with? Will I ever be able to have both? =/

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Don't worry, you'll find the right one sooner or later. Look inside your heart, do you see yourself dating men or woman more? Sure there might be a good side-bad side to both situations but trust me theres always one thing that's better.

Plus, it seems to me like your more sexually attracted to men. I think that's who you should be dating for the time being, just to see what exactly your intentions are/what your heart desires.

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I wouldn't say that I'm more sexually attracted to men, just that we are more compatible. And at least with men, I can sort of life vicariously through them when it comes to sex, if that makes any sense. Or as someone once told me, God made me a woman to save women from me. >_>

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