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Is this bad luck or am I just doing something wrong?!


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Quick summary....


Probably heard some of this before, if you have I apologize but things just keep happening...


-Gf of 4 years dumps me and then gets into a new relationship a week later. Says "it happened really fast" and that she wasn't cheating.

-Lose my job

-Bill collectors keep calling

-Only job prospects that call are to sell life insurance cold-calling at 100% commission


-My only solace is my keyboard, my music...well today is the day that my $500.00 PC soundcard decides not to work no matter what I do and the only thing the the product company can tell me since my warranty is up, is to buy a new one. With what $$$??? So now I don't even have that...


Is this just a string of bad luck? Is this karma?? I don't kill, steal, act like a douche, etc...


So the question is, why? Why?

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Because the higher powers want you to shake up your life a bit. No better time than the present. You're young, single, and can go anywhere in the world. I suggest Texas. There are more jobs here (assuming you have a skill of some sort) than we can fill. And a heck of a lot less snow.

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Time for change is the message and you get hit over the head if you haven't received the message from earlier cues. Relocate, meet new people, put your resume out there and see what comes up and where it comes up. Best of luck, we all have had bad times in life.

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