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Friend led me on about a guy?


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So, my friend recently introduced me to her best friend, who I got on really well with.

We spent the weekend round my friends house, and things went down pretty smoothly, it was me, my friend, the best friend and our other guy friend.

Basically we spent the night playing spin the bottle and "seven minutes in heaven" due to complete boredom.

So things got a bit intimate and pretty much, everyone kissed everyone, due to dares etc.

When we went to bed, me and the bestfriend, slept in the same bed together and cuddled, then kissed.

Which I thought was fair enough, nothing much would come of it.

Basically, last week I got broken up with, and this whole "kissing thing" helped me get over it.

Now I'm not one for rebounds, I don't rebound, because I simply don't like the idea of it and I think it's a bit cruel.

The next morning when the best friend left everyone said me and him would make a cute couple, which kinda appealed to me, because at the end of the day, he was a nice, funny and attractive bloke.

So, my friend tells me today that her best friend said I was "fit", then also told me that she thinks "I'm doing better than previous girls"... Then makes me believe I have a chance with this guy.

I have told her I want nothing more than a friendship but would like to get to know him.


My friend actually left her facebook logged in and I noticed messages between her and this guy, and basically he said "well I wouldn't go out with her. i jus saw it as a kiss if you get me? I know she's rebounding, everyone knows ima bit of a slag you know what i mean?", he then said "well she was into dan last week so..." (I asked for a guys number, which meant nothing more than a friend...) My friend then said "I've read through a few texts, figured you weren't that keen", despite the fact she told me I was like... "doing better than other girls".


What do I do knowing that.... my friend and her best friend now currently think I am "rebounding", and also are trying to "put me off him". Should I just act as if I am not interested at all or just ignore it and act normal.



I am not "rebounding", nor am I "interested", I just would of liked to of made a good impression and of gotten to know him better.

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You do nothing about it. You get over your ex boyfriend because face it...any relationship you engage yourself into is going to end up being a rebound at this point. Your friends are probably spot on with that.


I just would of liked to of made a good impression and of gotten to know him better.


For what purpose? As a friend? I think perhaps you're looking externally for reinforcement rather than the one person you really need it from, yourself. What others think is irrelevant. That said I think they're pretty close to the mark in that you're looking for a rebound, even if it's just a "friend".

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