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Wherever That Path Will Go


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Just a week after my first long term break up - things are getting a little easier but here's something I want to share about all the things that are going on in my mind right now.




I miss your smile, the glowing twinkle in your eye,

Each day I woke up happy, content and at ease,

Just knowing you were mine,

But now I'm moving forward,

I know it'll still take time.


I'll always remember that first night,

Many years ago when I said hello,

For me it was like love at first sight,

To last week when I said goodbye,

When it simply should've been goodnight.


So different you were to all whom I knew before,

I remember little of even who they were,

For you gave me hope, a reason to live and feel sure,

A heavenly horizon upon a world where we could simply be,

Allowing time to decide what the future had in store.


Now I guess I may never know,

If love will find me again in the same way,

Yet whatever seeds the path of romance for me will sew,

Nothing will remove the memories only we can share,

Wherever that path will go.

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