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Lovers to STRANGERS...

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Hi guys im back


well friday was the 3 yr anniversary of me and the ex fiance. On top of that friday was goin to be the wedding day as well.


during the day at work i had many memories run thru my mind, sometimes id stop in mid action at work and just stare at the computer screen wondering if he remembered the day too. *bleh* then later in the night i told myself sittign at home pouting over something thats long gone just wont due. so i went out with friends and occupied my time as i knew he probably was also.


then friday has come and gone, now i just need to get thru the holidays and ill have another year ahead of me. this will be our first holiday season in 4 years we are not in contact and not going to see eachother. alot is different now.


but IM OK....i have to be. much like this title says...we became strangers and neither of us know the other one anymore. our only option was to move on and hope that at some point life will have us cross paths again. But for right now...theres nothing to say to him and its best this way.


My point for this is to show people that YES, it may take awhile to get here but no matter the journey or destination...all will be ok. if i can do this then all of us CAN!


Over 2 years ago we split up and i wont lie saying it was the easiest thing, because it was not at all. but i learned alot about myself and life. i chose to stay single for this time and just experience life and figure out who I AM. i wouldnt change meeting my ex for anything. it was great while it was good and sad when it was over. but feeling what i got to feel was worth it all. no regrets.


stay strong my friends...and remember no matter what, it will be ok!

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