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Could this mean my ex might want me back?


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so me and my ex have gone NC for like the 10th time now...she broke it last nite, when she called me and told me that she wanted to come over...i wasnt home, so i said no...she put her friend on the phone, and her friend was telling me how my ex isnt happy without me..shes happy, but not as happy without me...after we hung up my ex told me that she loved me, and told me not to do anything "stupid" while i was out...last time we spoke i told her not to talk to me until she knew what she wanted..until she stopped playing games... everytime we have gone NC i have been the one to initiate it, and she always comes back... could this mean that shes really regretting her decision?..she told me to txt her when i woke up...im thinking about sitting her down, and say look..its either u want this or not......not sure what i wanna do...

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I have to get ready for work and so I can't spend the time giving you the reply you deserve right now. It's not games, it's self preservation and you would do well to know that she would have come straight up if she had wanted you back and not had the friend say stuff.


What if she was drunk? What if she was feeling lonely and vulnerable and wanted good old safe flyerfan6656? Don't initiate, think intent and not content. Please, be patient and link to that thread.

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