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bf wouldnt check his msg cuz i was there


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He was on fb trying to add a mutual friend of mine.and i was there watching too.and i see he got a msg. I naturally said arent u gonna check it. he goes no i dont care then logged off and started playing games.he fb chats a lot.he has a history of chatting with girls on fb.(he promised he will stop tho) how can he not care? i felt its cuz of me being there so i kept asking him to do so.he insisted "im not concerned why r u.im not checking it"and "im.not checking it cuz u wanna see it".

guys,is he innocent?

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Not i want to see his msg.i wont out of blue ask for this. but the msg is just there and naturely people will just check it wont we??but he ignored it.i felt he was doing it deliberately..but im not sure.

and also since i asked..why can he just check it if he has nothing to.hide?its not like he will never ever check his msg right? so why cant he do it in front of me

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Anyway to tell the whole story: i left for 2 mins and when i came back,here is the convo:

" U should check ur msg"

"Already did"

"Whats it about"

"Some things"

"What things?"

"Party and stuff"

"What party?"

"I Dont know"

"People invite u to party and u dont know?"

"They didnt invite me"

"So why didnt u do it when i asked,but checked soon as i left?"

"Ut demanding me to do it biut i was doing other things"(and soon as i left,he finished other thongs and have time for fb?)

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Yes, I think he's hiding something. Maybe innocent, maybe not. Maybe he just wants his privacy, or maybe he's talking to girls again.


It does seem odd that he wouldn't just naturally check it because he KNEW that you were watching.


I don't have my boyfriend's passwords to anything (and nor does he have mine) but he'll often use my laptop and use FB with me next to him, just looking at messages and statuses, and he's happy to share with me and show me as he does that.


I don't want my boyfriend and I to know all of each other's passwords. Some couples do that for the sake of easy (and that's okay) but if you're doing it so you can "check up on each other" then no it's not healthy. But I think you should be able to message friends or check email okay without having to "hide" things when your SO comes into the room.

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Facebook is kinda like emails. People want privacy using both systems, even if there is nothing in the messages. It's kinda like walking up to a ATM machine and kinda protecting your number from the person standing behind you. Just a little. It's kinda like that. So altho he is acting weird about his message on facebook, it's probably innocent and just didn't want you to see it. Can you respect that just a little????

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I see your point, I really do. But I can only try and get you to see that yes, he could be hiding something from you, but you don't know for sure. People get weird around private messages. There is no right/wrong answer here. You on the other hand would probably show him your private messages, but not everyone is like that.

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Since i pointed it straight out its from a girl,he said yes he msged her earlier saying how r u.she msged back "im going to parry" and yes its random girls again.i said "you promised to.stop" he said "shes been on my list ages ago i only got bored today waiting for you so i msged her" ..well its his story.i have no prove if its true

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Seems you may have validated his concern that you might be overly inquisitive about it. It could have been a buddy telling a dirty joke, or someone talking about you. An initial desire for privacy doesn't mean it was from a girl he's flirting with.

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