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my family is divided

im sandra dee

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Last year my niece and her husband were offended by something my brother said. At the time, they said nothing to him about it. This year, a few months ago, they decided to exclude him from a family event and in doing so they have started a domino effect and now my family has split over what was a misunderstanding.


I am very upset that certain members of my family care more about their petty selfish jealousies than about family and keeping our family together. I had breast cancer two years ago and I survived it to experience this nonsense? Really? Why are they doing this? My brother-in-law, my sister, their two daughters and their son-in-law all against my brother, my mother and me. My brother never intended to offend anyone but they don't care when me or my mother tell them that. As a result, my mother has had so much stress, it has taken a toll on her health. And me, I somehow got caught in the middle of all this and don't want to be. I want to enjoy each day of my life and I sincerely want a good relationship with everyone in my family but my sister's side doesn't seem to care about me or even like me. I have to wonder why did she bother to support me in my fight against cancer if she was going to cause all this stress for me, my mother and my brother? Do some people just not realize how precious each day is?


Someone told me after I got breast cancer that having cancer allows us to see who truly cares about us and who doesn't. I thought my sister cared but I'm now accepting that her whole family does not care about me at all.

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I'm sorry to hear about your situation! Good to hear that you made it through breast cancer. My aunt is a survivor as well.


It seems like I have a similar situation as you. It does cause stress and it definitely isn't easy to deal with. Your sister and her family obivously doesn't want to get pass a misunderstanding because it seems like they are being really selfish. If someone can't just stop and think about the situation then they are being a bit prideful. Seems like your sister cares about herself then realizing that what she is doing to you, your brother and mom. I think it would be best to separte yourself from her and her family. It's best to work on yourself and what makes you happy. You've tried to explain the misunderstanding and they don't want to listen, so I think it's all you can do right now. They don't see what they're doing and that it's only pushing you away.

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